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    Download chapter 1 and learn about the fundamentals of a successful career as a professional athlete, including the roles of parents, coaches, physical conditioning and mental toughness. Find out how to select the best coaches for you and why physical conditioning and developing mental toughness are major components for a successful career as a...

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    Chapter 3 explains the scientific study of what is going on inside the body during exercise on a cellular level, such as exercise metabolism and biological control system operations. Learn about cell structure and function, role of nutrients in providing fuel for exercise, and ATP production via biological energy metabolism.

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    Chapter 4 provides you with the tools to evaluate the athletes’ body composition, flexibility and athletic performance in order to be able to train most effectively. You will learn everything there is to know with regards to body composition-, flexibility- and performance tests such as testing considerations, detailed test descriptions, test logistics and...

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    Chapter 5 shows you a great variety of stretching exercises, which can be utilized to improve flexibility, decrease muscular imbalances and minimize the risk for injury. Become familiar with pre-workout dynamic stretches or post-workout static stretches and understand the importance of flexibility.

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    Download chapter 6, learn about strength and conditioning for athletes and utilize a great arsenal of weight lifting exercises to maximize your athletes’ athletic potential. Become proficient in Olympic weight lifting, use the integrated periodization model for programming, and learn how to calculate appropriate training phase intensities.

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    Get chapter 7 and start developing all aspects of speed, agility and quickness for athletes and understand the components of speed training, how to improve agility and how strengths training benefits power. Use balance and stability exercises, speed ladder drills, ballistics, plyometrics, box jumps, rebounds, medicine ball throws and agility drills.

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    Download chapter 8 and become conscious of your dietary needs as an athlete since the body uses foods for energy so that the body can perform at its best. Learn about the importance of sports nutrition, nutritional goals during training and competition, nutrients, foods and energy system contributions, and how to calculate your estimated energy requirements.

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    Chapter 2 provides you with information about the interaction of muscles and bones as they relate to movement. You will learn about anatomical directional terms, planes of motion, joint classifications and movements, kinetic chain efficiency and types of muscles activation.

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